We sometimes get asked to help clients to finish their room off, by this we mean adding cushions, rugs, pictures, lamps etc, these accessories bring a room come to life.

A chance for you to show your personality by adding pieces that are meaningful to you and reflect the way you live whether you’re an avid reader, a quirky collector or a world traveller. 

A few things to remember; small or single objects can disappear or look lost on their own, so group them together, which will make more of an impact. Odd numbers look more natural, for example a group of five tea lights look more effortless than four of them bunched up.

You can add colour and textures in cushions, tie backs, pictures, to help a muted room look more interesting. A fluffy rug, velvet cushions and table lamps will make the room look warm and cosy. 

Add flickering candles at various heights, statement centrepieces such as a vase of flowers that tie in with the colour scheme, add some nice trimmings to the base of a plain lampshade to make it fun, a ribbon to curtains as a tie-back, or pick out some of the colours in a painting which will pull the room together.