I'm loving some of the posts on ideas for Christmas decorations from Pinterest, and will be making some the decorations myself this year.

I'm sure that most people would agree that a bit (or a lot, depending on how much bling you like) of lighting looks magical, especially at this time of year, when it gets dark so early. Now that battery operated lights are so available, and last longer, they can be added anywhere and  everywhere!

Fairy lights on a fireplace mantle, around door architraves, across the top of picture frames, and even inside jars and lanterns look so pretty when lit. There are some clear baubles that you can buy from Amazon, which would also look pretty with fairy lights and can be hung on the Christmas tree. I bought some and have filled them with white and dark chocolate shavings and marshmallows for making hot chocolate, delicious as well as pretty decorations.

I love this idea from Xerxes to fill stockings with cutlery, a fun way to dress your table. Although I'll have to improve on my knitting!!

Hang some pine cones on some twine and add these across an archway for a beautiful but more natural look. They will add a nice seasonal aroma to the room too. 

These napkins look so Christmassy, add a few cinnamon sticks, winter berries, holly or mistletoe and tie them with some twine. 

Oooh! Some orange slices pricked with cloves to hang on the Christmas tree, beautiful and pefumed.

Don't over complicate things. I find that if I stick to making decorations that are easy, I actually carry them through.  For example, curling a sprig of rosemary round and binding to make a circle  couldn't be simpler and looks so pretty on a plain plate or napkin.