A throw is an easy way to make a change without the expense of altering the decor, it dresses up furniture, adds colour, texture and pattern to a room, as well as warmth.

But placing a throw on a sofa, armchair or the end of the bed isn't so easy.

I’ve spent hours in the past folding, unfolding, scrunching, crumpling, primping, placing carefully and even throwing a throw (out of frustration), onto my piece of furniture to make it look right. 

I've come to realise that the art of using one is to make it look effortless and not styled. But how do you achieve that? I think it depends on your personality and you should do whatever you like and don't worry about what anyone else thinks!

You can fold them perfectly, and place neatly across the end of a chaise, like a blanket on a bed,  or draped with several throws on top of one another almost covering the whole piece of furniture. perhaps rolled up and stacked in a basket. My preference is to fold my throws quite neatly and hang them 3/4 over the arm or back of a sofa, and sometimes depending on the material of my throw, effortlessly draped over the corner of an armchair, with my cushions sitting over them and the edge of the throw showing on the back or sides.

In the winter we snuggle up on the sofa, as a family, and have a variety of throws that we cuddle up in, knitted, furry and blankety. There’s nothing cosier!