Now that the excitements of Christmas are over :(, are you like me and look around your house in desperation wondering where you are going to fit  all the new things you've been given?

Finding storage in your home is hard at the best of times, so I thought I would dedicate this blog to help you find some interesting spaces that can be turned into storage,  some easily achievable and others that with a bit of money and imagination could transform your life and home!

Below is an image I found of tiered shelving in what would ordinarily be dead space in the loft. I realise that it isn't attractive but would be useful and you don't have to be a particularly good carpenter to construct it. Boxes keep your stuff more organised and this way  you can get to them easily.

Some ideas below that wouldn't be that hard to build,  creating a bit of extra space over an existing doorway, in say a bathroom for spare towels, or in a kitchen for china etc, as you can see in the reference below adding some shelving around the doorframe is also a good and attractive way of creating more storage.. If you have the space over your doorway in a hall, it could be made deeper for storing suitcases.

What a great idea, although maybe a bit mad?! 

What a great idea, although maybe a bit mad?! 

Ingenious ideas for stairs, landings and under-stair storage, I love the steps being used as drawers! The last couple of pictures are pull-out cupboards that we had built for a client who wanted to store their shoes so they could be seen and got to easily, means you don't have shoes all over the place, and the kids could have their own shelf so there is no excuse not to tidy them away - Japanese style!

When my kids were younger all their new toys used to make my heart sink, bah humbug that I am! It was because I'd have to find somewhere to put them all.

Nowadays play tables are a great creation, not only are children able to sit, paint and play but there is also space for some storage.

For example this one is a craft table, it has a holder to attach a roll of drawing paper, space for pens and pencils, cubby holes and shelving for paints, books, scissors etc and room enough for 2 kids to sit at, aswell as attractive - I love it! 

We had this play table made for one of our clients, who wanted a storage unit for their 3 year old son who likes playing with cars and trains, as well as doubling up for drawing.

So we painted one-half in blackboard paint for drawing on and the other side for playing on, with deep storage drawers on one side for his car and train collections. We built this on wheels so that it could be wheeled to the middle of the room or to be put away in the corner.

For the same clients we had these units built for their son and daughter, no need to point out which was for the little girl! Behind the bunk beds we also built a hidey hole, for the kids to play in, such fun! We added some closed storage in drawers as well as open shelving for books etc. to give the room more depth.

There are many ways of creating more storage that as you can see don't have to be too complicated,  or with some help from a carpenter can be as elaborate as you'd like. So don't despair! If you'd like any help or ideas please contact us, as we have genius cabinetmakers at our disposal!!