Is there a better way to keep images you like on file? I don’t think so.  As an interior designer I have tried a number of ways to file pictures.

Looking for a particular reference? You just have to search an item and various images come up. I find it more useful and quicker than browsing through interior magazines. Not that my magazines get left untouched, but I consider it a luxury to find time to leaf through them.

Many of my clients are now on Pinterest too. They create a board that they share with me showing their likes and dislikes. This is a very useful tool as it gives me a feel of the client’s taste and less time to work out what look they want us to help them achieve.

Pinterest is so easy to use! 

I’ve linked it to my Twitter and Facebook accounts so that I don’t need to add something to each one individually. I can even add to it from an app on my phone.

Using social media doesn’t come naturally or easily to me, this way I can keep on top of it at the press of a button!